Wrapped Up Wednesday!

I am trying out new concepts here at the ole blog. Besides scrapbooking and card making, one great use of all those beautiful scrapbook papers is gift wrapping. It has become a common joke among my friends that you can always spot Celia’s gift because it will be the most ornately wrapped gift.  Not to say at all, that it will be the best gift. Well, at least you got something and its wrapped pretty so just say thank you!

In my humble opinion, present packaging is made of three equally important parts- wrapping paper, embellishment and ribbon. If you are a scrapbooker or card maker- I am pretty confident you have an abundance of paper and ribbon to use. (And even more that you have hidden from your significant other!)

While the love of my life would disagree (with a smart ass comment like “Just use the funny papers”), I live by the rule that the quality of wrapping paper is very important.  And if all else fails and you rather spend the duckets on the gift- use white butcher paper or kraft postal wrap. Throw in some pretty ribbon and paper flowers- voila you got yourself a trendy wrapped gift giving receptacle.

Scrapbooking paper + Die Cutting = Fabulous gift embellishments. I especially like the use of flowers and bird die cuts. I think that they are perfect for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries or just about any gift giving reason. Birthdays are a little different while flowers and birds can work- you can easily step up your game with some creative die cutting. Look out for more Wrapped up Wednesday posts for other gift wrapping embellishment ideas.

Today, I am showcasing a wrapped up gift for one of my besties Michelle who had a beautiful baby boy named Liam. I wanted to send her and this new arrival a gift. And of course, the wrapping had to be complimentary for both of them. So I picked a color scheme of blue and yellow. Two colors I think are perfect for a new baby boy and a beautiful new mom.

Wrap it Up Wednesday

I cut several daisies from the Cricut Walk in My Garden cartridge.  I varied the sizes of the daisies with some cut at 3 1/2 and others at 4. Each flower has three daisies stacked offset so each petal can be shown. I used  inexpensive cardstock in several shades of yellow that I  purchased from Target couple of years ago. I also used kraft cardstock scraps for the middle of the daisies. For a wrapping concept like this I would advise the use of inexpensive cardstock because you go through a lot of it. And, let’s be honest, it’s going to be ripped apart so the recipient can get to the good part- The Present!

As for that beautiful faux butterfly, I purchased a set of 12 from floraltrims and just tucked one into the bouquet of paper flowers.  It was just the right finishing for an elegant wrapping.

For this trendy parcel packaging I broke my cardinal rule and used an inexpensive wrapping paper because it was the only dark blue I could find. Overall the present looks nice, the cheapness frugalness of the wrapping paper is only noticeable to the keen eye. Hopefully, my recipients were more excited about what’s inside that they did not notice.

And that wraps up a Wrapped Up Wednesday! (I am just so clever, aren’t I?).

Thanks for stopping by. More to come. Celia.


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